Statement Of Faith

  We, the Full Gospel Assembly of God, believe, All Scripture is given by divine inspiration, which extends equally and fully to all parts of the original text, therefore,  infallible, supreme, and sufficient in all matters of faith and practice. The Bible is the complete revelation of God and he does not grant new revelations in addition or contrary to Biblical truth.  

 ​ The Godhead exists in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, these three are one God, posses the same nature and attributes and worthy of equal confidence, obedience and worship. The Father exists eternally to whom all things are subjected. The Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father, is true God and true man. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and was born of Virgin Mary. By His sinless life, death on the cross and the resurrection saves sinners and continue to intercede for the believers at the right hand of the Father. Holy Spirit who eternally proceeds from the Father and the Son, is actively involved in the creation, salvation and in the life of each believer.    

 Angels are created as intelligent and powerful beings to do the will of God. Satan, the originator of sin and angels who rebelled against God fell and are active in their rebellion. A believer can have victory over them in Christ, and he/she cannot be possessed by them.     

Man was created in the image and likeness of God but fell through sin, consequently separated from God. This alienation resulted in both physical and spiritual death. This fallen nature permeated into the entire human race, except Jesus Christ.    

Salvation is provided for all men through the sacrifice of Christ upon the Cross. It is the only redemption and substitutionary atonement for all the sins both original and actual. Those who repent and believe in Christ are born again of the Holy Spirit and inherit eternal life.Assurance of Salvation is the privilege of all who are born again by the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ, resulting in love, gratitude and obedience towards God. Sanctification is dedication to God and separation from evil; it is both instantaneous and progressive. It is appropriated by the power of Christ’s blood and Holy Spirit. Infilling of the Holy Spirit is a subsequent experience where a believer yields control to Holy Spirit. Gifts of the Spirit are supernatural abilities given by God to effectively minister in particular situations. 

Believers are to bear fruit of the Holy Spirit, and exercise the gifts of the Spirit as he gives to each believer.  ​   All who are born again are the members of the Universal Church, the Body and the Bride of Christ. Local church is the body of believers in Christ who brought together to function as a part of the Universal Church. Local church is ordained by God and provides a context in which believers corporately worship 

God, observe the ordinances of the Church, and are instructed in faith and equipped for evangelization of the world. Water Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are only two external ordinances instituted by the Lord. Baptism signifies the confession of the faith where one identifies with the Body of Christ. Lord’s Supper is a symbol, memorial and proclamation of the suffering and death of Christ, it is observed by believers until Christ’s coming. Local church is sustained and supported by the faithful tithing and free will offering of her members. Marriage is the provision of God for a man and a woman to enter into a life long relationship, which is sanctified and is to be kept that way.    

At the end of the times, Christ will return physically to the earth to establish His Kingdom to which all the saints belong. Christ’s return precedes His reign on Earth. The Heaven and the Hell are real.